This is based off of Rozzy's Flash Contest.

FooPets QuestionsEdit

Q 1. What is a Legacy's ID number below?

1. 78

2. 48

3. 57

4. 3

Q 2. How can you tell the differents between a Legacy Pokey/Foo and a regular Pokey/Foo?

1. Legacies have double stats. Pokeys/Foos have high stats.

2. Legacies growl. Pokies/Foos are bad.

3. Legacies are 3 years old and have no parents! Pokies/Foos do.

4. Legacies are the ONLY ones who bark. Pokies/Foos don't bark.

Q3. What glitch for Heart Park is for Christmas?

1. Just Heart Park :]

2. Halloween Park

3. It's Heart Park, just with presents, sockins, wreaths, and frozing water. ;)

4. Holiday Park

Q 4. What is the rarest legacy?

1. LPGSD (Legacy Pokey German Shepherd Dog)

2. LPH (Legacy Pokey Husky)

3. LPYL (Legacy Pokey Yellow Lab)

4. LPBL (Legacy Pokey Black Lab)

Q 5. Which is a Pokey Cat?

1. Nebelung

2. Chocolate Lab

3. Balloon Head

4. Long Haired Silver Tabby

Q 6. True of False? There was a facebook app of FooPets?

1. True

2. False

Q 7.