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  • Announcements

48,922 postsView community announcements and alerts from FooAdmins here.

  • Chit-Chat

110,088 postsAny topic is fair game here, as long as you're being nice to others.

  • Contests and Promotions

13,662 postsNew forum for all official FooPets contests and promos. Check here often for the latest chances to win prizes!

  • ClubFoo Ideas and Suggestions

79,532 postsThis is a forum where you can share your ideas, suggestions and feedback for FooPets!

  • User Supported Support

164,446 postsThis is for Users to help Users. Share your tips. Ask for guidance. Help a new friend!

  • Village

422,813 posts"It takes a village to raise a child..." Need someone to feed and care for your FooPet for a few days? Team with other FooPet owners and help each other out. Share tips and tricks on how to best nurture your virtual companions.

  • Breeding Forum

416,790 postsDiscuss breeding your FooPets and advertise FooPet puppies and kittens for sale here.

  • Trading Post

11,187 postsHere's the place to advertise your items for sale or trade, or look for member-offered bargains.

  • Real Pets

254,048 postsShare information about your real pets.

  • Admin and Ambassador Lounge

Admins and Ambassadors ONLY.